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Updated Dec 31, 2007

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Read here about our reactions to the 9/11 terror attack.

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The Andersen Family

Welcome to The Andersen Family web site!

We Pond waterfall - dayare happy you dropped by and hope you will enjoy your visit here. We will try to give you an impression of our family and our life, and we will be glad to share our experiences from living in different countries and our trips around the world. We have had the opportunity to live in both Germany, south of Stuttgart, and in the USA, just outside Atlanta, Georgia, which we have enjoyed very much. Look under communities for more about the great places, we have been living, and the people, we have met. We moved from the center of Copenhagen, Denmark, to the suburbs, in Kokkedal north of the city in October 2002. We got a very nice, two story townhouse with a small garden, just 300 feet's away from the open fields, creek and small forests. We enjoyedFreezing cold at river the time in the city, but are also very happy to be back in the suburbs, closer to nature and with a lot more open space around. The picture is from our garden pond, showing the waterfall at day and night..

Father, husband and dog-owner, like to use my spare time to take care of our apartment and dog. I do like to work with my hands now and then, a great relaxation from the professional work of a more intellectual nature. I also follow classes in different areas as well as I love to read both the daily newspapers and more in-depth literature, following both the short and long term trends. Lars Balle AndersenAfter the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the States, I have become somewhat politically active, writing articles for the newspapers and influencing the political process from outside the political parties, read more here.

For more than 25 years I have worked within the IT industry, where I have had the opportunity to work with a number of successful companies. 2003 I decided to retire from full-time work. I did though realize that I needed a daily task, where I had contact with a lot of people and decided to work as a public parking warden in Copenhagen. Great job, lots of fresh air, exercise and contact with people. I am also using some time to improve my skills, taking some relevant classes; the latest being a very good coaching class, where I got some valuable definitions of coaching contra advising and also got the opportunity to exercise coaching.. I also do some consultancy work, where I can utilize my experience to help companies for time limited periods.Kathrin Balle Andersen

Mother, wife and nurse, working part time and taking care of the whole family. This includes making the preparations for our tours into the woods at the beautiful Gribsų, a  break to our city life we make it at least once a week in the summer season. Last time was on my birthday, where we invited our best friends and Lars's brother and sister, see us at the the station here. We had tons of fun riding the train to the little station at the lake, preparing food on the barbecue and enjoying the serene setting.

JuliaJulia Balle Andersen Student
Turned 22 in August; passed her high school exams on the highest level three years ago year (gymnasium), which is a big thing in Denmark. You get a special hat, which mommy presents on the picture after the last tests. Look here for more pictures from the high school and the traditional truck tour. Now studying third year of geophysics at University of Copenhagen, which is very exciting, but also very challenging.

Shilo Balle Andersen

My position as the family dog is a really hard job, as they nearly never do what I want them to do. I just turned eight, that makes 56 human years, so I'm grown up now and want some respect. Read my story and get the real picture of this family and poor little me, who just had to go to the doctor because my foot was hurting real bad.

AFS Students
We have had the pleasure of hosting several AFS exchange students both in Denmark, United States and Germany. This is an exceptional experience and we only can recommend it to everybody. Earlier this year we hosted Mintra Puripunyavanich from Thailand, who lived with us until June. She will write about herself here later, check back to see her story. Yoko at FIFA world cupAlso, Yuko, our Japanese exchange student, who went to the soccer World Cup with a Danish friend and got her picture taken to both Japanese and Danish newspapers as well as she appeared on the Danish TV. She is now back in Denmark working as au-pair, also getting married to her fiancee and expecting their first child in November.

Living in different countries has been a really great opportunity, read more about our living experiences from Denmark, Germany and the United States. We enjoyed the 4½ years abroad and has found it very beneficial to get to know different cultures so closely.

We have had the opportunity to travel quite a bit over the last years, still building the web pages with pictures and stories. The last trip was to the US East coast and Eastern Caribbean in March 2005 with the whole family and one of Julia's best friends traveling with us.
Freezing cold at bridge

 Hope this was of interest to you, check back in as we will update the site regularly.

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